Friday, September 23, 2011

Artificial Intelliegence Versus Low Intelligence (gmail Vs Kumar)

Witnessed a marvel of artificial intelligence - my gmail id developed a mind of its own, sent nice and not so nice messages to everyone in my contact list, refused to let me see what it has sent, refused me permission to see my own inbox.

While this was fascinating from technological perspective however I did want to see my beloved gmail inbox again and thus tried to reclaim my account. What I didn’t realize is that it will involve a herculean effort on my part first to reach the webmasters of gmail.

Once I reached them, I found that they were not ready to believe I am who I say I am. I tried giving them the proof first by reasoning, then by making them an offer which I thought they won’t be able to refuse and when that didn’t work as well then finally resorted to using my linguistic capabilities from rural heartland of India. Nothing moved them!!

Its only when I agreed to bare my soul by giving them information so private that I don’t even share it with my ex girlfriends did they agree to look into the matter. Can you believe it; all this was done to get hold of my PHONE NUMBER!!

Finally after more deliberation reminiscent of terms of surrender of AXIS powers they agreed to reopen the pearly gates of communication heaven for me.

Now I am immensely relieved and take this opportunity to apologies for any messages that irritated you and to say welcome for those messages which you liked.

I do need some help from you; since my brain is now frozen due to excessive usage in this ordeal, I am in need of your thoughts on whether or not it’s a good idea to use gmail for my communication s in future.

Please help!! Please send your responses here, for the time being facebook guys don’t seem to check the content of my messages and thus seem to like me and I think it will be a while before I incur the wrath of webmasters of facebook.

Yours truly,

Kumar Amitesh

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